The Payer Point of View

Volume 39 | Number 1 January/February 2024

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  • Feature

    The Financial Impact of a Competitive Labor Market

    Ed Finkel

    Healthcare executives and industry analysts say the tight labor pool is impacting everything from quality of care to clinician morale, to the financial bottom lines of their organizations, and they’re working on numerous fronts to face these challenges. 

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  • Perspectives

    Recommitting to our Mission

    Deborah J. Bowen, FACHE, CAE

    With a new year comes new opportunity to recommit to our mission: advancing our members and healthcare leadership excellence.

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  • Healthcare Management Ethics

    Safeguarding Our Workforce

    Susan A. Reeves, EdD, RN, CENP

    Along with many of the pressures seen during the pandemic’s height, the need to enact crisis standards of care has, thankfully, abated.

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  • Satisfying Your Customers

    Improving Food Service

    Lisa Shoopman

    Hospitals see a great deal of potential in food service automation to save time and money but more importantly to keep pace with patients’ diverse meal preferences. 

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  • Public Policy Update

    Health System Public Opinion

    Paul H. Keckley, PhD

    Trust in the U.S. health system is at an all-time low, as two recent polls illustrate the public’s declining confidence in the institution. 

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  • Careers

    Building Career Pathways

    Roxanne Aldi-Quaresima, APRN, and Robert M. Weiss

    In 2020, there was no textbook for healthcare organizations to follow on how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting nursing shortage.

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  • Improving Patient Care

    Healthcare Safety Needs Radical Collaboration

    Kedar Mate, MD

    The state of patient and workforce safety is concerning. COVID-19, though declining, remains with us and has created financial turmoil for health systems, supply disruptions and formidable challenges to workforce morale.

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  • CEO Focus

    A Commitment to Local Investment

    Darrell K. Terry Sr., FACHE

    The National Academy of Medicine defines social determinants of health as all the health-related behaviors, socioeconomic and environmental factors that impact the health outcomes of a community.

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