Building a Future-Fit Executive Team

Volume 38 | Number 6
November/December 2023

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In this Issue

  • Feature

    Infusing Belonging Into DEI Work

    Ed Finkel

    Healthcare leaders whose organizations are adding the concept of “belonging” to their ongoing DEI work tend to echo, at least in so many words, the analogy proffered by Sandra Ogunremi, DHA, vice president, diversity, inclusion and belonging at Monument Health in Rapid City, S.D.

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  • Web Extra

    Building Belonging Across Generations

    Ed Finkel

    With as many as five generations currently in the workforce, hospitals and healthcare systems, like all employers, can build a sense of belonging that takes into account all age groups.

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  • Perspectives

    The Power of Gratitude

    Deborah J. Bowen, FACHE, CAE

    As leaders we are constantly juggling complex challenges, and answers are not always readily apparent.

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  • Healthcare Management Ethics

    Ethical Leadership: Doing What It Takes

    Jason Lesandrini, FACHE

    I recently met with 30 healthcare leaders from across the country and asked how many of them considered themselves to be ethical leaders. Perhaps unsurprisingly, everyone raised their hand. When asked how they knew they were ethical leaders, they gave responses like, “I have integrity,” or “I am honest.”

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  • Advertorial

    Growth Strategies for the Future

    Da Vinci robots are no longer a disruptor in the healthcare technology space. They are a vital instrument to help healthcare provider organizations not only solve some of their biggest challenges but also fuel overall health system growth. 

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  • Satisfying Your Customers

    ‘I Have a Safety Concern’

    Kimberley Darey, MD, FACOG, and Sherri Leahy, PhD, RN

    When it comes to the satisfaction of our patients, as well as their safety, most of us read the latest research to keep up to date on successes and ways to improve. 

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  • Operational Advancements

    Healthcare on Wheels

    Stephanie Fendrick, FACHE

    Virtua Health, the largest not-for-profit health system in southern New Jersey, has a brand promise to be “here for good.” These three simple words shape the organization’s strategic plans and keep staff members mindful of their commitment to the community they serve.

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  • Public Policy Update

    Campaign 2024: How It Will Affect Healthcare

    Paul H. Keckley, PhD

    Next November, U.S. voters will elect the next president as well as 34 senators, 435 members of Congress, 11 governors and representatives in 85 state legislative bodies.

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  • Careers

    Lessons From Children

    David L. Schreiner, PhD, FACHE, and Melanie M. Miller

    As we gain experience and become wiser with age, it’s important to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned and pass them on to the next generation. 

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