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For those who are unemployed and striving to get back to work, there is hope for those who can and will adapt. There are some cautionary notes, especially the concerns regarding how the post-Christmas COVID-19 surge of new cases will affect business. Still, overall, there is a strong sense of hope for economic recovery. Here are three essential issues for job seekers to consider:
Be Clear, Be Concise
Today, businesses are hurting, and they are looking for people who can solve problems. Simply put, executives and managers who can clearly and concisely explain to prospective employers how their skills and experience will add value are going to be more successful than those who talk only about the history of their experience. Those who master this critical approach will advance.

Be Flexible
In industries where there will be shifts in the business model, executives and managers must show how their experience and skills are transferable to new jobs or other industries. Once again, it is up to the applicant
to make the case. This change requires research, preparation and plenty of rehearsal. Be clear, and create a robust value-based case.

Embrace Change
Job seekers who embrace change, whether relocating to a new community or accepting a new type of work challenge, are more likely to succeed than those who fiercely cling to the false security of “this is the way it has always been.” Just as businesses must now redouble their efforts to remain relevant for their customers, executives and managers must approach their job search with the same mindset. Do not wait too long to embrace this inevitable change.

After the 9/11 terror attacks, many things changed. Attitudes and practices shifted dramatically. This time, the changes could end up being more significant. Yes, there will be economic pain and suffering long after everyone recovers physically. The secret to a successful career will be based on how you deal with these three essential issues.

Source: Adapted from an article by John G. Self, president and managing partner, JohnGSelf + Partners Inc., Dallas, and an ACHE Member. Visit

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