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Health Equity Q&A With Nick Macchione, FACHE

By Topic: Equity of Care


Healthcare Executive talks with Nick Macchione, FACHE, director, San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency, on the importance of health equity and his organization’s approach to ensure disparities in healthcare quality and access are eliminated.  

Here is what he had to say. 

Q: Why is the topic of health equity in healthcare important to professional development? 

A: The lens of health equity is an essential consideration for any health professional committed to serving populations with the greatest need. The link between health equity and the social drivers of health make it an essential component of any healthcare leader’s portfolio in understanding the differences between quality and quantity of health, care delivery across different populations, and the impact on individuals and communities as that reality plays out. As leaders grow to become social influencers of health, it is important that we recognize the critical role we should play in providing opportunities to underserved communities so they can enjoy longer, healthier and more vibrant lives.

Q: How have you mastered health equity in your organization?
A: In 2020, the County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency celebrates a decade of work toward health and social equity through its nationally recognized Live Well vision for its population health strategy. As this work to assure the vision’s goal of healthy, safe and thriving communities continues into its next decade, we also celebrate the health equity milestones of the previous one. These include the use of the California Conference of Local Health Officers Achieving Health Equity Framework, the establishment of an Office of Health Equity, the development and implementation of a health equity plan and utilizing the social drivers of a health paradigm to guide both the vision and day-to-day work of our workforce and community partners.

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