March/April 2024

Volume 39 | Number 2


In this Issue

  • Feature

    A Profile of ACHE’s 2024–2025 Chair

    Susan Birk

    After finishing his undergraduate work in sociology at the University of Notre Dame, William “Bill” P. Santulli, FACHE, set his career sights on becoming a sociologist. The New York native credits that early desire to work in academia to the inquisitiveness and zeal for tackling complex problems he’d learned from his father growing up on Long Island.

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  • Feature

    The Science of Safety Culture

    Ed Finkel

    As part of its approach to instilling a comprehensive patient safety culture through continuing education, MedStar Health, Columbia, Md., has built an extensive internal simulation program over the past two decades with three large simulation labs, a mobile simulation center and vans that bring simulation equipment into its hospital and outpatient environments.

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  • Web Extra

    Acceptance and Implementation Strategies

    Bob Kronemyer

    Danielle Walsh, MD, FAAP, FACS, a professor of surgery and vice chair of Surgery for Quality and Process Improvement at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in Lexington, believes there are two big myths about using AI in healthcare: that physicians don’t want AI and that patients don’t want AI.

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  • Perspectives

    Technology as Transformer

    Deborah J. Bowen, FACHE, CAE

    Artificial intelligence’s potential dominates conversations about the future of healthcare and all that is possible, not only to improve clinical care for patients but also to help address other challenges such as workforce. Although AI holds enormous promise, the overarching concern is that it can also produce unintended consequences.

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  • Healthcare Management Ethics

    Linking Ethics Resources to Patient Safety

    Jason Lesandrini, FACHE

    Quality and patient safety are at the top of every healthcare organization’s list of strategic goals. Though the safety and quality journey is a continuous process, little work has connected ethics to the goals of patient safety and high-quality care.

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  • Satisfying Your Customers

    An Expansion Mindset for Rural Health

    Matt Heywood

    Opportunities exist for health systems to expand care delivery beyond a model centered around an urban headquarters. But in the “middle of nowhere,” there’s a delicate balance between access and quality. With inflation increasing, rural providers try to keep wages competitive, but labor shortages can lead to rural hospital closures.

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  • Public Policy Update

    The Impact of Hospital Price Transparency

    Paul H. Keckley, PhD

    In November 2019, the Trump administration issued an executive order requiring hospitals to post their prices for 300 “shoppable services” by Jan. 1, 2021, or pay a penalty. The rationale was to empower patients and increase competition among hospitals, group health plans and health insurers in individual and group markets.

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  • Careers

    Bouncing Back After a Setback

    Jessica Taylor, FACHE

    Career setbacks can be significant turning points, particularly in the demanding healthcare field. Such challenges, ranging from missed promotions to unexpected reductions in force, can deeply affect a professional’s confidence.

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